Engage, Inform, Entice!

Imagine the scene …

your ideal customer is on the train, reading the local paper, mobile phone in their pocket. There’s your advert for your latest offer, featuring a simple text message number and code. Your customer is interested and wants to know more. It doesn’t matter that it’s 7pm on a Friday: your customer can text the code to the number.

Connect with local consumers in the most convenient way for them – in an instant, they receive a text message response. It’s friendly, welcoming and personalised by you in advance. It gives them all the information they need so they can take you up on your offer, discount, competition or promotion.

Your Advert – Always In Your Customers Pocket.​

​This is only possible through SMS (text message) marketing. The customer doesn’t need to write down a phone number, tear out a voucher or remember to visit your website. They don’t need to wait for your opening hours. They react: you respond. And it’s all automated and maintained by us.

Valuable contacts, delivered to your inbox – We will gather the mobile numbers of customers who text your unique code, building you a powerful database of genuinely interested consumers who have chosen to reach out to you.